Axe throwing bar!

Amber’s green light celebratin w/ pinata?

Pumpkin carving

CSHL Raft Race

CSHL Lab Picnic

Thai Thai Villa for Amber’s Bday

Dirty Taco for Evan’s Bday

Oaxaca for Jakub’s Bday

QB Happy Hour

Little Mexico for Chandana’s Bday


Koo Lab Holiday Party

Mister Seoul for Shush’s Bday

Jakub starting new tradition in the lab

Vinoteka for Antonio’s Farewell

Celebrating Raft Race win at Noreetuh in NYC

2022 CSHL Raft Race

Farewell to Rohan and Ethan at Burgerology

Summer B.B.Koo

BCD in Bayside for Rohit’s Farewell



Holiday dinner at Burgerology in Huntington

Vandana’s Bday at CSHL

Peter’s Bday!

Destination Lunch at Nan Xiang Xio Long Bao

Summer B.B.Koo


Lab Hike